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THE SECRET TO DOING YOUR BEST and getting through any rough times ahead

Much of my art is inspired by the insights I gain in books and in my meditative practice. Whether the outcome of the last election was not to your liking, or you are an entrepreneur struggling to move a project forward, here are 2 simple things I have found that you can put in place to help you move forward in your day and deal with adversity.

FOCUS:     Sure we all have had a pretty good idea of the importance of focus in getting work done since grade school.  I don’t need to tell you that. We all know that we should focus on a project and not look at Facebook or that cute little squirrel outside. However we don’t. Why is that? Because focus starts within.  The distractions that we fail to factor in are, in fact, distracting thoughts. To often, our mind is half on the task we are engaged in and half on something like our plans for the evening or what to get Aunt Bessie for Christmas. Cultivate the habit throughout the day of regularly asking yourself, ” What am I doing RIGHT NOW.” Train yourself to pull yourself back to the thing you are working on (physically and mentally) on a consistent basis for a half hour at a time. Take a 5 min break after each session to relax your focus, handle small items, or to enjoy distraction.

LEARNING TO SEE SETBACKS AS OPPORTUNIES:     In the Book, The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday, the author points out that half of the companies in the Fortune 500 were originally started during difficult economic times like a recession or long bear market. They did not let tough times stop them. In fact, they used them to their advantage. Inherit in every challenge is a chance to grow and frequently be forced to push yourself to new heights in record time. Most of the truly great achievements of man were born in some way through adversity. When we expect hurdles along the way, stay relaxed, and look for weak points in the problem rather than make up stories and meaning in it: we utilize life’s greatest mechanism for growth. It can at some times be difficult to do this. That is where the first thing I mentioned, FOCUS, comes in handy.  Staying present and focused allows us to handle the issue rather than get lost in fear or discouragement.

This is the first time I have shared some of these insights. I welcome your comments. You can send them HERE.


Two Art receptions @ Kava Lounge SF-this Thursday and Saturday





Kava Lounge SF Presents TWO DISTINCT EVENTS to see
World-Class Visionary Artist, Yurik.



Formal Showing of oil painted visionary works by Yurik
Light Appetizers will be served. Great opportunity to Network with other collectors of Yurik’s work, view the art with less people in the room, and meet the artist. We will have the lights up for better viewing of these masterpieces. Dress Up a bit if you like… or not!
West Side Jazz Club 7pm

Celebrate November Art Showing by Yurik
Live Musicians, Massage, and tarot card reading by Day.
West side Jazz club 7pm
DJs and Live Performances by Night
Serpeant Sanctum
DJ Askasha~Sky

This is larger event, so Bring Your Friends and People who love art or kava, dress Arty or Party, and check the scene. Come down and celebrate by hoisting some kava and viewing masterworks by visionary artist, Yurik. Kava Lounge SF will have a free glass of Sexy Love Potion for everyone!


Reception at JadeNow Gallery in Santa Barbara, July 31st


Great News! Yurik now has gallery representation!

The number of professional gallery spaces that show magical realism, spiritual, and visionary art in the United States is very small but growing. This is just another example that this amazing art genre and culture is finally gaining acceptance and appreciation by the mainstream.

The Art of Andrew Annenberg and Yurik Riegel will take place in Santa Barbara’s hottest new Gallery, Jade Now on Parker Way. The event, which runs from 7-10pm will feature presentations by both master artists earlier in the evening, followed immediately by a wine and cheese, 2 raffles, and a chance to meet Andrew and Yurik.

If you are in the area, or you are able to make it down to Santa Barbara, please join us for this very special evening.





Thurs, July 31 7-10pm


Gorgeous New Mermaid Painting

In honor of my Birthday today I am posting a brand new oil painting. Check this out! It is one of my greatest creations to date and I am very proud of it – “Daybreak”. It will be entering it into an international competition (judging to take place in March of 2014). It would be a great birthday present to me, if you would share it with all of your friends far and wide , especially ones that like Mermaids.


Lady Gaga Portrait – Warrior Queen


Lady Gaga Warrior Queen Bring On the Night

Lady Gaga – Warrior Queen

Lady Gaga recently had to cut her Monster Ball tour short in order get a hip surgery (synovitis).  I painted this portrait as a tribute to her. Folks mention that I put a little bit of a Yurik/Burning Man spin on it. I couldn’t help myself.  I have titled it,  “Warrior Queen”.  It is inspired by the lyric in her song “Marry the Night”.  In the song, she tells of a dark time when, faced with watching her young career colapse,  she resolves to embrace her own darkness and the life of an artist for good or ill.  As a fellow artist trying to buck the trend, I can totally relate to this struggle.  I find constant inspiration by how she lives her life, her dedication to her craft, the love she has for her fans, and the person she chooses to be in the world.

People always seem surprised when I mention that I respect Gaga, being a classical painter. Oh, but the magical realism mixed with contemporary and visionary work, that I do has much more in common than one might think with her creations.   In the depths of the crazy rabbit hole we call The Arts, she and I are not so different at all. You don’t have to be a pop artist to fully appreciate Gaga’s amazing accomplishments. I can  forgive her for her worship of DeKooning.

Folks have been asking if I will sell prints of this painting. So I am putting together a little fundraiser.  Majority of proceeds to be donated to the Born This Way Foundation. I am offering 3 diferent sizes of signed prints:


11×14 print on paper $39
16×20 print on paper (limited edition of 50) $89
12×16 STRETCHED CANVAS  – Giclee Print (limited edition of 20) $199


Good luck with your hip recover, Mother Monster!

Paws up, Yo!

Click here for more information on prints:


My First Coin

front side of coin

Front Side

back side of coin

Back Side

I frequently get asked to do commissions, which I quite enjoy.  This was the first time anyone ever asked me to design a coin.  It is a solid ounce of silver!


My artwork on the cover of the MAPS Bulletin

Picture of the M.A.P.S. Bulletin Cover featuring my painting, "Return Home"

My Art on the cover of the MAPS bulletin

I was honored to find out, upon my return from a 10-day vipassana  meditation retreat, that my art had been selected to grace the cover of the latest MAPS Bulletin.

MAPS, Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, is a 25 year old organization.  Their mission is to develop psychotropics and marijuana into legal prescription medicines for therapeutic applications such as Glucoma and PTSD. They are active in developing and funding clinical trials with human subjects in accordance with guidelines set forth by the United States’ Food and Drug Administration, the European Medicines Agency, and the International Council on Harmonization (ICH/GCP). In the process, they are training therapists to administer psychedelic drugs in therapeutic settings.  In essence, MAPS is  actually a non–profit pharmaceutical reseach company.

MAPS also engages in efforts to educate people about the benefits and risks of psychedelics and medical marijuana. Whether or not you are someone who choses to use these substances,  it is comforting to know that serious research is being done.
MAPS Facebook page
MAPS Website
View “Return Home” in my gallery
For you running fans, another great organization

21st Century Goddess

21st Century Goddess

People ask me what the painting, 21st Century Goddess is about:

In 1970. Toffler defined the term “future shock” as a certain psychological state of individuals and entire societies – a personal perception of “too much change in too short a period of time“.

On a related note, Wikipedia ‘s definition for The technological singularity is the theoretical emergence of superintelligence through technological means. Since the capabilities of such intelligence would be difficult for an unaided human mind to comprehend, the technological singularity is seen as an occurrence beyond which events cannot be predicted.

And so I introduce the concept of

The Spiritual Cyborg:

We will increasingly draw from ancient wisdom and blend it with modern technology. My vision is a people who use the teaching of the Buddha, self help and life-hacking gurus, ancient religion and ritual, and a new technology that helps brings depth rather than breadth, enables us to get back to a flow and sustainable relationship with a world with which we feel we are slowly loosing connection. This technology will bring us closer, not further from our own spirituality. Neuroscience is already doing this by hooking monks up to brain monitoring devices. personal devices are sending us reminders to meditate and real time feedback on our internal state. The internet is creating connection between strangers half a world apart, crowd-sourcing is helping to solve problems for farmers in Africa.  We are capable of doing what we dream. our technology is serving its original purpose.  We also understand that using technology in inevitable. We understand that we will eventually become Cyborg (part Man- part Machine), but we can do in a way that serves us.  No machine can ever match a cyborg.  The 21st century Goddess/God is born.