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THE SECRET TO DOING YOUR BEST and getting through any rough times ahead

Much of my art is inspired by the insights I gain in books and in my meditative practice. Whether the outcome of the last election was not to your liking, or you are an entrepreneur struggling to move a project forward, here are 2 simple things I have found that you can put in place to help you move forward in your day and deal with adversity.

FOCUS:     Sure we all have had a pretty good idea of the importance of focus in getting work done since grade school.  I don’t need to tell you that. We all know that we should focus on a project and not look at Facebook or that cute little squirrel outside. However we don’t. Why is that? Because focus starts within.  The distractions that we fail to factor in are, in fact, distracting thoughts. To often, our mind is half on the task we are engaged in and half on something like our plans for the evening or what to get Aunt Bessie for Christmas. Cultivate the habit throughout the day of regularly asking yourself, ” What am I doing RIGHT NOW.” Train yourself to pull yourself back to the thing you are working on (physically and mentally) on a consistent basis for a half hour at a time. Take a 5 min break after each session to relax your focus, handle small items, or to enjoy distraction.

LEARNING TO SEE SETBACKS AS OPPORTUNIES:     In the Book, The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday, the author points out that half of the companies in the Fortune 500 were originally started during difficult economic times like a recession or long bear market. They did not let tough times stop them. In fact, they used them to their advantage. Inherit in every challenge is a chance to grow and frequently be forced to push yourself to new heights in record time. Most of the truly great achievements of man were born in some way through adversity. When we expect hurdles along the way, stay relaxed, and look for weak points in the problem rather than make up stories and meaning in it: we utilize life’s greatest mechanism for growth. It can at some times be difficult to do this. That is where the first thing I mentioned, FOCUS, comes in handy.  Staying present and focused allows us to handle the issue rather than get lost in fear or discouragement.

This is the first time I have shared some of these insights. I welcome your comments. You can send them HERE.


Little Red Riding Hood

“Oh how beautiful the butterflies are, Little Red Riding Hood said, “I am ever so sorry to see them leave.” She bravely travels deeper into a forest that she sees changing before her eyes. “I must look into myself, change my heart.  If I ever hope to save this place, I must transform she whose story of this earth is at odds with it’s flourishing…”


About 95% of the painting on this stunning work was done live at Maui Mystic, Lucidity Festival, and Bicycle Day events. Even though there was no model for this painting, her personality and humanity slowly showed up before my eyes as I painted. With lush thick brushstrokes and fine detail, it is a lovely sight to behold.

Prints of her are now available along with a lot more inspiring and magical art for the Holidays HERE.

LittleRedRidingHood LittlRedRidingHoodDetail


Yurik’s art at 2014 Wisdom 2.0 Conference

Look for Yurik’s art at the 2014 Wisdom 2.0 conference in the hall as you approach the main area.

The conference specifically wanted art that addresses the blending of tech and spirituality in our modern lives.  Yurik was an obvious choice.

Info on the conference:

The annual Wisdom 2.0 Summit addresses the great challenge of our age: how can we live connected to one another through technology in ways that are beneficial to our own well-being, effective in our work, and useful to the world?

This year’s outstanding lineup includes technology leaders and wisdom teachers including: Eckhart Tolle, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Byron Katie, Sharon Salzburg, Roshi Joan Halifax, Meng Tan (Google’s “Jolly Good Fellow”), singer and recording artist Alanis Morissette and executives from Google, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. More speakers continue to be announced.

Featured in the New York Times, Wired, Fast Company, Huffington Post, Financial Times, Forbes and many other business magazines, the Wisdom 2.0 Summit has sparked an ardent discussion in Silicon Valley and New York business circles of the value of mindfulness in our high-speed, interconnected age.


– Eckhart Tolle author: “The Power of Now”, “A New Earth”
– Jon Kabat-Zinn: “Wherever You Go There You Are.”
– Bryon Katie: author: “Loving What Is”
– Sharon Salzburg: best-selling author, “Real Happiness”
– Roshi Joan Halifax, Upaya Zen Center


Abha Dawesar, Author, “Babyji”
Dan Siegel, Mindful Awareness Research Center
Meng Tan, author: “Search Inside Yourself,” Jolly Good Fellow, Google.
Alanis Morissette, Grammy Award winning singer


Peter Deng, Vice President, Instagram
Melissa Daimler, Head of Organizational Learning, Twitter
Karen May, Vice President, Learning & Development, Google
Fred Koffman, author “Conscious Business”
Jonathan Rosenfeld, Leadership and Change Strategy, Medium


Arturo Bejar, Director of Engineering, Facebook
Rachel Macy Stafford, HandsFree Momma
Jessica Matthews, CEO, Uncharted Play

And more to be announced.

We try not to be the usual sit-and-listen conference — this is a think tank-style interactive gathering with hosted conversations, yoga rooms, enchanting decor, community-led break outs and more.

Join us for:

– Hosted Community-Led Conversations (engage directly with other participants on topics that matter to you!)

– Yoga and Meditation Rooms (stretch, move, and refresh yourself; or take an opportunity for quiet contemplation.)

– Participant-Led Break Outs (stay tuned for ways to submit your talk or program to be presented on our People’s Stage!)

– Interactive Parties (dance, consciously connect, and have fun together!)

– Optional Monday Intensives (spend all day Monday after the conference diving even more deeply into one important topic.)

– And many more ways to interact with other participants and make meaningful, lasting connections…

Wisdom 2.0 strives to bring this conversation to the world in an accessible, innovative, and inclusive way.


Yurik Asked to show at Wisdom 2.0!

A gathering of business leaders, health practitioners, entrepreneurs, wisdom teachers, and social change workers seeking to create lives, workplaces, and a society of deeper purpose and meaning.

This looks to be a rare event where people in positions of power will be exposed to conscious art. Very Exciting!

Wish me Luck!