Fundraiser to Take things to the next level and fix my painting arm

After 10 years of gradually getting worse my rotator cuff tore and needs to be repaired.  At the time of this Newsletter, the procedure is only days away. While the situation could be seen as a negative, I feel inspired by the opportunity to have a shoulder that is stronger than ever. Like many of you, I am a very busy person, and the idea of not being unable to paint or work or exercise easily for 2 months during the recovery, does not appeal to me. 

Originally I had been planning on doing an entirely different fundraiser this FALL, to bring my artwork more out into the nation and world. If more than the $9-10,000 required to make this surgical repair happen is raised, then I could apply the additional towards up-leveling my professional art business to do just that.

My painting arm is an integral tool that I use to create beauty and magic in my fight for positive global change. Saving THIS painting arm means lighting one more candle against apathy. If this resonates with you, please help me in this fundraiser by doing two things: 1) contribute any amount you can, $5, $20, $50, $500;  and 2) pass my ask-for-help to other people you know who can do this too.  Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart to yours.

Special thank to: KELLY GUAVA for doing the filming and BRITTANY AQUAMARINE for the Music!


Preview of a new painting series on Stoic Philosophy

I have recently been getting into Stoic Philosophy. I highly recommend Ryan Holiday’s book on Stoicism, The Obstacle is the Way. Click on the link below to purchase the book ( I get a small kickback too ūüėČ
Stoicism has similarities with Buddhism, yet it’s roots are from ancient greece. Stoicism doesn‚Äôt concern itself with complicated theories about the world, but with helping us overcome destructive emotions and act on what can be acted upon. It‚Äôs built for action, not endless debate.

We will need it in times ahead. Quote by Marcus Aurelius, oil on linen.


UNVEILING: Hupomone ~ We Fight On

Hupomone: We Fight On   Limited time get 10% off canvas prints on Empire of Light

This painting is about a lot of things and has multiple meanings. It was originally inspired by a friend of mine, Ivy, who is a traveling gypsy and shortly after starting this piece was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and embarked on a journey attempting to treat her disease by holistic means. The image of the painting changed almost completely at that point. The painting is about cancer. The painting is about women coming into their own. The painting is about the middle east. The painting is about the world finding its way into an evolved path. 
Here are some close up for your viewing pleasure:

THE SECRET TO DOING YOUR BEST and getting through any rough times ahead

Much of my art is inspired by the insights I gain in books and in my meditative practice. Whether the outcome of the last election was not to your liking, or you are an entrepreneur struggling to move a project forward, here are 2 simple things I have found that you can put in place to help you move forward in your day and deal with adversity.

FOCUS:¬†¬†¬†¬† Sure we all have had¬†a pretty good idea of the importance of focus in getting work done since grade school.¬† I don’t need to tell you that. We all know that we should focus on a project and not look at Facebook or that cute little squirrel outside.¬†However we don’t. Why is that? Because focus starts within.¬† The distractions that we fail to factor in are, in fact, distracting thoughts. To often, our mind is half on the task we are engaged in and half on something like our plans for¬†the evening or what to get Aunt Bessie for Christmas. Cultivate the habit throughout the day of regularly asking yourself, ” What am I doing RIGHT NOW.” Train yourself to pull yourself back to the thing you are working on (physically and mentally)¬†on a consistent basis¬†for a half hour at a time. Take a 5 min break after each session to relax your focus, handle small items, or to enjoy distraction.

LEARNING TO SEE SETBACKS AS OPPORTUNIES:¬†¬†¬†¬† In the Book, The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday, the author points out that half of the companies in the Fortune 500 were originally started during difficult economic times like a recession or long bear market. They did not let tough times stop them. In fact, they used them to their advantage. Inherit in every challenge is a chance to grow and frequently be forced to push yourself to new heights in record time. Most of the truly great achievements of man were born in some way through adversity. When we expect hurdles along the way, stay relaxed, and look for weak points in the¬†problem rather than make up stories and meaning in it: we utilize life’s greatest mechanism for growth. It can at some times be difficult to do this.¬†That is where the first thing I mentioned, FOCUS, comes in handy.¬† Staying present and focused allows us to handle the issue rather than get lost in fear or discouragement.

This is the first time I have shared some of these insights. I welcome your comments. You can send them HERE.


Two Art receptions @ Kava Lounge SF-this Thursday and Saturday





Kava Lounge SF Presents TWO DISTINCT EVENTS to see
World-Class Visionary Artist, Yurik.



Formal Showing of oil painted visionary works by Yurik
Light Appetizers will be served. Great opportunity to Network with other collectors of Yurik‚Äôs work, view the art with less people in the room, and meet the artist. We will have the lights up for better viewing of these masterpieces. Dress Up a bit if you like… or not!
West Side Jazz Club 7pm

Celebrate November Art Showing by Yurik
Live Musicians, Massage, and tarot card reading by Day.
West side Jazz club 7pm
DJs and Live Performances by Night
Serpeant Sanctum
DJ Askasha~Sky

This is larger event, so Bring Your Friends and People who love art or kava, dress Arty or Party, and check the scene. Come down and celebrate by hoisting some kava and viewing masterworks by visionary artist, Yurik. Kava Lounge SF will have a free glass of Sexy Love Potion for everyone!


ART SHOW: Mark your Calendars for November 29th!



This is my FIRST SF Bay Area Show in 3 years.  November 29th! You have seen me at many festivals, group shows, and pop up galleries, but this is the first time in a full time professional gallery. This is a two Artist show with fellow Bay Area visionary, Ishka Lha.

From 2-5pm rub shoulders with fellow art enthusiasts in our wine a cheese reception, OOH and AHHH to some breathtaking works. There will be 2 raffles,  interviews with the artists, as well as Q and A, and a chance to have works signed by the Yurik and Ishka.  For those wishing to go a step deeper, at 5 pm we will switch gears and have musical performances  by Ishka, spiritual healing ceremony, tea lounge and other performances.

This event is one of the first times that the visionary/transformational¬†art genre¬†has ever been shown in a mainstream gallery. Don’t miss this chance to see¬†such detailed, meaningful, original art’s introduction to Walnut Creek.¬† Not to be missed!

Diablo Fine  Art Gallery presents:

Art of Transformation

with works by Yurik Riegel and Ishka Lha

Sunday, November 29th

2-5 pm artists reception

5-7pm community gathering with Music and ceremony

Diablo Fine Art

1535 Palos Verdes Mall, Walnut Creek, CA 94597
(925) 933-4278