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My artwork on the cover of the MAPS Bulletin

Picture of the M.A.P.S. Bulletin Cover featuring my painting, "Return Home"

My Art on the cover of the MAPS bulletin

I was honored to find out, upon my return from a 10-day vipassana  meditation retreat, that my art had been selected to grace the cover of the latest MAPS Bulletin.

MAPS, Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, is a 25 year old organization.  Their mission is to develop psychotropics and marijuana into legal prescription medicines for therapeutic applications such as Glucoma and PTSD. They are active in developing and funding clinical trials with human subjects in accordance with guidelines set forth by the United States’ Food and Drug Administration, the European Medicines Agency, and the International Council on Harmonization (ICH/GCP). In the process, they are training therapists to administer psychedelic drugs in therapeutic settings.  In essence, MAPS is  actually a non–profit pharmaceutical reseach company.

MAPS also engages in efforts to educate people about the benefits and risks of psychedelics and medical marijuana. Whether or not you are someone who choses to use these substances,  it is comforting to know that serious research is being done.
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MAPS Website
View “Return Home” in my gallery
For you running fans, another great organization

21st Century Goddess

21st Century Goddess

People ask me what the painting, 21st Century Goddess is about:

In 1970. Toffler defined the term “future shock” as a certain psychological state of individuals and entire societies – a personal perception of “too much change in too short a period of time“.

On a related note, Wikipedia ‘s definition for The technological singularity is the theoretical emergence of superintelligence through technological means. Since the capabilities of such intelligence would be difficult for an unaided human mind to comprehend, the technological singularity is seen as an occurrence beyond which events cannot be predicted.

And so I introduce the concept of

The Spiritual Cyborg:

We will increasingly draw from ancient wisdom and blend it with modern technology. My vision is a people who use the teaching of the Buddha, self help and life-hacking gurus, ancient religion and ritual, and a new technology that helps brings depth rather than breadth, enables us to get back to a flow and sustainable relationship with a world with which we feel we are slowly loosing connection. This technology will bring us closer, not further from our own spirituality. Neuroscience is already doing this by hooking monks up to brain monitoring devices. personal devices are sending us reminders to meditate and real time feedback on our internal state. The internet is creating connection between strangers half a world apart, crowd-sourcing is helping to solve problems for farmers in Africa.  We are capable of doing what we dream. our technology is serving its original purpose.  We also understand that using technology in inevitable. We understand that we will eventually become Cyborg (part Man- part Machine), but we can do in a way that serves us.  No machine can ever match a cyborg.  The 21st century Goddess/God is born.