The Art of Yurik at Oakland Art Murmur, March 2nd 6-9pm

March 2nd, 2012, 6pm – 9pm

Oakland Art Murmur

(one night only – dress to inspire)

Yurik Riegel @ The Uptown Body Shop

(east building) 401 26th Street

Oakland, CA 94612

7:30 contest entry

7:45 Raffle

8:30 contest entry

8:45 Raffle

Virtually all galleries currently refuse to show visionary work — most art fans outside of the burning man/tribal scene have not yet had the opportunity to experience conscious art.   The stunning, innovative, and visionary art of Yurik Riegel is your chance to experience art rarely open to the mainstream public, at the First-Friday Oakland Art Murmur on March 2nd!

If you have not been to the Oakland Art Murmur recently, you are in for a real treat. It has come a long way in the last couple years and is really the unsung jewel in the crown of the East Bay art scene! Hundreds (if not thousands) of people from all ages and walks of life attend and it is truly becoming one of the hot beds of creativity in the Bay Area. This is a very festive way to take in some art, music, people watching, and food.

Come down, peruse the art in a dozen galleries and creative art spaces, enjoy wonderful crafts, people watch, drink free wine, sample the incredible food trucks, enjoy the busking musicians, AND (OF COURSE) come by the Body shop to endorse the cause. Support the art and visions you want in this world!

Anyone dressed in a way that mimics the style or essence of one of the characters in Yurik paintings will get a special prize. Contest entry is at 7:30pm. Prizes are at 8:30pm.


As always, Yurik likes to have an artwork raffle. This always generates excitement. Art will be raffled off at 7:45pm and 8:45pm. But you have to enter and be present to win!

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