woman meditation on a lotus blossom with gold background

Meditation - 24x36 - Oil on Linen

Welcome to 2014 to all the  New Art Fans, 21st Century Goddesses, and Spiritual Cyborgs.
I assume there are no (sentient) Robots reading this…not yet?  Bueller…? Bueller…? Maybe next year…

With the hope of a new year upon us, I ask you all to take a moment, right now and ask yourself, “What is my biggest inspiration for 2014? If I could do one thing, what would it be?”
Now play big here, but you get one thing… nope only thing. Not ten things, ONE THING!
See, too often people try to do too many things and they don’t  accomplish any of them (yours truly is very guilty of this).  In today’s increasingly fast-paced technological world – with a staggering amount of inputs bombarding us from social media, email, phone aps, web, bosses, advertising, traffic noises, constructions noises, more advertising – it’s important to SLOW DOWN, get present. Pick that ONE thing you are going to ROCK this year.
We on the list are smarter than that, we are adapting.  We are the future spiritual cyborgs. The busier it gets out there, the calmer we get.  The more stressed people are around us, the more relaxed we get. We strive to use technology  to create more depth, than breadth in our lives.  Let’s rock this new year and make it the funnest, richest, most caring, most successful year yet!