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2014, It’s Time to Bring It!

woman meditation on a lotus blossom with gold background

Meditation - 24x36 - Oil on Linen

Welcome to 2014 to all the  New Art Fans, 21st Century Goddesses, and Spiritual Cyborgs.
I assume there are no (sentient) Robots reading this…not yet?  Bueller…? Bueller…? Maybe next year…

With the hope of a new year upon us, I ask you all to take a moment, right now and ask yourself, “What is my biggest inspiration for 2014? If I could do one thing, what would it be?”
Now play big here, but you get one thing… nope only thing. Not ten things, ONE THING!
See, too often people try to do too many things and they don’t  accomplish any of them (yours truly is very guilty of this).  In today’s increasingly fast-paced technological world – with a staggering amount of inputs bombarding us from social media, email, phone aps, web, bosses, advertising, traffic noises, constructions noises, more advertising – it’s important to SLOW DOWN, get present. Pick that ONE thing you are going to ROCK this year.
We on the list are smarter than that, we are adapting.  We are the future spiritual cyborgs. The busier it gets out there, the calmer we get.  The more stressed people are around us, the more relaxed we get. We strive to use technology  to create more depth, than breadth in our lives.  Let’s rock this new year and make it the funnest, richest, most caring, most successful year yet!


Gorgeous New Mermaid Painting

In honor of my Birthday today I am posting a brand new oil painting. Check this out! It is one of my greatest creations to date and I am very proud of it – “Daybreak”. It will be entering it into an international competition (judging to take place in March of 2014). It would be a great birthday present to me, if you would share it with all of your friends far and wide , especially ones that like Mermaids.


Lady Gaga Portrait – Warrior Queen


Lady Gaga Warrior Queen Bring On the Night

Lady Gaga – Warrior Queen

Lady Gaga recently had to cut her Monster Ball tour short in order get a hip surgery (synovitis).  I painted this portrait as a tribute to her. Folks mention that I put a little bit of a Yurik/Burning Man spin on it. I couldn’t help myself.  I have titled it,  “Warrior Queen”.  It is inspired by the lyric in her song “Marry the Night”.  In the song, she tells of a dark time when, faced with watching her young career colapse,  she resolves to embrace her own darkness and the life of an artist for good or ill.  As a fellow artist trying to buck the trend, I can totally relate to this struggle.  I find constant inspiration by how she lives her life, her dedication to her craft, the love she has for her fans, and the person she chooses to be in the world.

People always seem surprised when I mention that I respect Gaga, being a classical painter. Oh, but the magical realism mixed with contemporary and visionary work, that I do has much more in common than one might think with her creations.   In the depths of the crazy rabbit hole we call The Arts, she and I are not so different at all. You don’t have to be a pop artist to fully appreciate Gaga’s amazing accomplishments. I can  forgive her for her worship of DeKooning.

Folks have been asking if I will sell prints of this painting. So I am putting together a little fundraiser.  Majority of proceeds to be donated to the Born This Way Foundation. I am offering 3 diferent sizes of signed prints:


11×14 print on paper $39
16×20 print on paper (limited edition of 50) $89
12×16 STRETCHED CANVAS  – Giclee Print (limited edition of 20) $199


Good luck with your hip recover, Mother Monster!

Paws up, Yo!

Click here for more information on prints:


Yurik Asked to show at Wisdom 2.0!

A gathering of business leaders, health practitioners, entrepreneurs, wisdom teachers, and social change workers seeking to create lives, workplaces, and a society of deeper purpose and meaning.

This looks to be a rare event where people in positions of power will be exposed to conscious art. Very Exciting!

Wish me Luck!


My First Coin

front side of coin

Front Side

back side of coin

Back Side

I frequently get asked to do commissions, which I quite enjoy.  This was the first time anyone ever asked me to design a coin.  It is a solid ounce of silver!


New Print – Sleeping Beauties

Sleepies Beauties- Sleeping Fairies

"Sleepies Beauties" 16x16 signed print on paper

“Sleeping Beauties”

16×16 – Signed Print on Paper

16×16 Signed  (Limited edition of 25) on Paper $89

HOLIDAY SPECIAL!: Order Today For $59 ea. (offer ends Sat 22nd):

Treat yourself to a little beauty for the Holidays!
This wonderful print is like getting four for the price of one! It features four of the “Sleeping Beauty” series on one semigloss sheet, signed with a 1/2″ border.
For a limited time until Saturday, December 22, it will be on sale for an incredible $30 off.
Orders in the San Francisco Bay Area can be delivered by making special arrangments by contacting yurikarts [!at]


Janary 4th Show Announced

january 4th show

Yurik Riegel
Damien Jones
Art Reception

Friday Night, January 4th 6pm-10pm

( main reception)

Saturday Afternoon, January 5th 1pm-5pm

2511 Telelgraph, Oakland @25th St., CA 94612

This is a limited engagement.
The show will come down on saturday evening



Start off 2013 in an artfully magnificent way!  Stunning new recent works by painter Yurik Riegel and scupltor Damien Jones will be on display at the 2525 Gallery in Downtown Oakland the first Friday in January.
PLEASE NOTE: this will be during Oakland’s Month art crawl, the Art Murmur and the next day during the Saturday Art Stroll.

If you have not been to either, the friday night  art crawls are filled with lots of people, very lively, eccletic, and diverse crowds with much going on in the surround neighborhood and on the streets.  The Saturday Stroll is a more low key event for those not wishing to brave the crowds and tends to attract a more sophisticated art crowd. We would love to see you at either one!
The friday night art crawl starts at 6pm. Parking begins to be a little more difficult after 6:30, but there are parking lots and street parking can usually be found at 27th or above.
There will be two Raffles during the evening one at 7pm and one at 9pn ENTER THE RAFFLE to win some of my art later in the evening.