Artist of Transformation

When he is not creating in the solitude of the art studio, Yurik Riegel can also be found training by bounding up the steep trails of the Oakland hills, expanding his knowledge by pouring over historical texts of ancient symbols and scientific articles, or sitting in silence on a meditation cushion – all in service of bringing the experience of the universe he sees to the world and the enthusiastic followers of his art.


“My goal, is always striving to be the ultimate artist, to live and love fiercely and lean out of my introverted artistic shell and share my intense experience of the speechless eternal beauty of life. I want to change the world for the better – one person, one interaction, one paint stroke at a time – by giving them a peek over the edge out of their “reality” and into another world where extreme possibility and inspiration live, where technology only serves and augments the depth of our experience and connection on earth. I see a world where magic hides behind each corner; each tree, manuscript, or circuit board.”


Yurik chooses the ancient art of classical oil painting as his vehicle of expressing modern cutting edge concepts. He brings back the extreme technical mastery and craftsmanship of the past, with a modern vision imbued with a thoughtfulness and depth not commonly seen in the popular art of today. His innovative use of classical and contemporary elements, mixed media and genres, and occasional performance art, turn art inside out and brings it back in the form that is somehow more as it should be.


Yurik’s imagery is cutting edge- it speaks of the teachings of the Buddha,Werner Erhard, David Deida, Ray Kurtzweil, Ekhart Tolle, and many other great thinkers. It is a conversation about the coming technological singularity and the challenge of saving ourselves from ourselves. It also dares to whisper a positive message – heralding the growing trends in the world of urban tribalism, spirituality, and global connection. His paintings are an up-to-the minute reflection of modern man’s struggle to know himself in an Age of Information and Globalization. Sometimes a glimpse into a richer more spiritual existence in the past; sometimes a bold look forward; many times a blending of the two in the eternal Now.


He has shown at Temple of Visions Gallery in LA, Tribe 13 in Ukiah, the Moksha Art Faire in Miami Florida, the Alchemeyez Visionary Arts Congress in Waikoloa, Hawaii;  the Mystic Garden Party, Harmony, Lightning in a Bottle, and Heart Bliss Festivals, the MAPS 25th Anniversary Conference, The Wisdom 2.0 Conference; numerous one man and group shows, as well as live painting performances with notable artists such as Alex Grey, and Robert Venosa. He has been a featured artist at Sacred Spaces and Red Lightning camps at Burning Man for several years.  and was asked to put in an art installation at Center Camp in 2013 that was viewed by 10’s of thousands of people.  His images have graced the cover of Maui Visions magazine, and the Quarterly Bulletin of the Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies. His artwork is in the collections of Self-help Gurus, Corporate CEO’s and an Olympic Gymnastics Gold medalist.









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