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FAQ – CommissionsFrequently Asked Questions

Can I talk to you live instead of having to read all of this?

YES, most definitely!  Contact us HERE or call (510) 898-6627. Leave a number and the best times to reach you and we will work around your schedule and answer any question you might have.

Do you paint things other than mermaids and elves?

YES, of course!  Yurik does all sorts of imaginative, spiritual, visionary, and classical portraiture. He does traditional subject matter as well. For more information contact us HERE.

My great uncle just passed away. Can I get a painting of him for the memorial and have prints for each of the family?

Yurik is happy to do Memorial Portraits, and you can get canvas prints made for everyone in the family. The timelines for funerals are very short, so completion time will depend on Yurik’s current schedule.

Do you paint only women?

Yurik paints men, women, children, animals, dragons…you name it!

Will you deliver the painting to my wedding reception?

Yes! Delivery to wedding receptions and other events need to be arranged ahead of time and are subject to the artist’s schedule.   There is an additional charge for delivery and presentation. For more information contact us HERE.

Do you only do fantasy work?

Yurik enjoys doing portraits realistically as well. Please take a look at samples of traditional and imaginative portraiture.

Do you paint animals?

Yes, depending on production schedule.

How long will it take for the painting to get started?

It is a common mistake to underestimate the time needed for the entire process. It varies seasonally, but it can be a month or longer.  Because of this, it is very important to get the process started as soon as possible, especially wedding and anniversary gifts. Even if you don’t have all you photos yet or dates firmed up, it is best to call NOW for a quick consultation so you understand the timeline upfront and don’t hit time restraints. Even if you are just thinking about it, best to call now. For more information contact us HERE.

Can you do a formal portrait of our founder for our boardroom?


Can you paint a detailed mural in our church or company vision in our lobby?

YES!  For more information contact us HERE.

Do you do Corporate work?

YES. Yurik works with Corporate Clients, creating Corporate Gifts, Founder Portraits, VIP Retirement Presents. From humorous paintings of the boss to Largescale Murals of  the Corporate Vision for the Lobby, Yurik can do it all.

Do you do illustration?

YES, depending on production schedule

Will you frame my painting?

The artist can take the painting to be framed and make framing decisions for you. There is a $100 fee for this as well as trip charges and the cost of the frame. In most cases, this is an excellent options as customers actually save time and money over doing it themselves.





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