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{I had a project to commemorate 4 generations in our family farming business.  I wanted the image to capture nuanced relationships between the people, the essential visceral experience of the farm, and the place of the farm in the world.  I had known Yurik’s reputation as a skilled artist, which was proven out in his work for me.  But I was especially impressed with his attention and care to the final audience I was aiming for.  Yurik did a great job and I highly recommend him.
Clay Mitchell
Managing Director
Fall Line Capital
I commissioned Yurik to paint my girlfriend Shannyn as a mermaid. It’s been a dream of hers for years. Yurik was a consummate professional through the whole process. He met with us to discuss our vision and offered us several poses and layouts. Shannyn wanted to have the portrait be a partial nude as an homage to her favorite museum works. Yurik also took some photos.
I wanted to surprise Shannyn with the finished painting so I invited her closest friends to a surprise unveiling party. She had no idea. Yurik showed up in person to reveal his masterpiece. We were all blown away by the detail and beauty of it!
Yurik is a true artist, an oil painter of the highest caliber. He is passionate about his calling with many years of practice and refinement. His hard work and skill will continue to bring us joy for the rest of our lives and will be passed on to our children and beyond. I can think of no better way to commemorate Shannyn’s beauty and grace.
James S.:
James Starke
{When I was thinking about a wedding gift for my wife. I wanted something unique and personal that we could both enjoy.  I decided on a portrait of her doing what she does best and that which is also her passion.  She is a professional ice diver which is a scuba diver that excels in diving in the coldest ocean water on earth, both in the Arctic and Antarctica.  I also wanted it to show her as sea creature being one with the environment she loves so much.  Once I decided on the broad strokes I contacted an old friend of mine who also excels at his passion.  Yuriks’ style of art was just what I envisioned for the portrait.  I sent photographs of my wife Lisa to Yurik so he could get started.  We picked up the painting together and were amazed at how well he had captured her beauty, soul and energy.  I am very pleased to have this portrait hanging in our house as a reminder of how much Lisa enjoys what she does.
Jason K.:
Expedition Leader/Naturalist Lindblad Expeditions
Jason Kelly
{I am the EA to the CEO of a NYSE listed, publicly traded company and we recently commissioned Yurik to paint a portrait for one of our retiring Board members. Yurik’s work was impeccable, despite an extremely tight turnaround time. He was easy to work with, very responsive, and followed through on the project until we presented the portrait to the Board member at a Board meeting. I highly recommend Yurik for any type of corporate portrait or painting work.
Liza L.:
CAI, San Francisco, CA






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