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Procedure and Payment

“My job is fun.  I pride myself on working directly with my clients to create a unique and customized experience and long term artistic memory brought to life in the form of oil paint on canvas, that only they will have.”

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First and foremost a thorough discussion of what you expect of your portrait, whom is to be portrayed and what the elements in the portrait should consist of, will take place between yourself and Yurik. It’s important to get a feel for the subject, likes and dislikes, specific wishes and ideas. Also it is very important to discuss size options of the art, date of completion, who the portrait is for and where it will hang.  Yurik usually does portrait work from photographs in the studio. The process of creating his portraits is long and actual live sittings are only required in unique circumstances.

All painting work is done by Yurik, so scheduling is important. Please note: nothing will be added to Yurik’s painting schedule prior to down payment and signing of contract. This is particularly important for event specific art.  So, it is best to contact Yurik now, even if you are just thinking about the idea.  click here to contact.

Photograph Guidelines

The photographs you supply will ideally be of superb quality. It is difficult to work from photos that are blurry, too small in size to see facial details or otherwise imperfect. Digital photographs are accepted.

Yurik has amazing abilities to recreate people from partial photos, make people younger, combine aspects of different photos, but there is a limit to any artist’s ability and he reserves the right to refuse to accept a commission if the supplied photographic material is not of a satisfactory standard. Or he may require the subject to come in for photos or sketching.   Please note that a project expense may go up, the more forensic work the artist needs to do.


Payment and Delivery Information

A 30% non refundable deposit is required to reserve place on the painting schedule and to hold the price at it’s current level. Depending on the legnth and size of the project, there may be a payment in the middle.  The total balance is due upon completion of the portrait and once the client is satisfied.  For commitments to commission multiple paintings over a period of time (ex: children as they come of age), a 15% reduction of current price is available.

The above prices do not include shipping, packaging, framing or travel expenses should you prefer to meet the artist in person and have one or more live sittings for the artist. The artist will retain ownership of the painting until paid in full. Shipping costs (fully insured, signature required on delivery) are calculated by destination and will vary.

Please note that copyright remains with the artist at all times, although your portrait will not be distributed in print or online in promotional material without prior agreement. To arrange to speak with someone live, click here.

For further questions, you can also look on the Frequently Asked Questions Page.

To see commission samples, click here.


Giclee Prints of Your Portrait!

Yurik now offers the unique opportunity to order giclee prints of your commissioned portrait, the perfect gift for family and friends!

Available in several different sizes, printed on archival watercolor paper  or canvas with archival quality inks and of course signed by the artist.
Upon completion of your portrait, you can order the prints at a discounted price. Please note that this offer unfortunately does not apply to commissions completed in the past. Please contact us for more info.

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