Seven Man Portrait

by | Jun 2, 2018 | Art, News, Recent Work

Commission I just finished. (A departure from my Visionary Realism work). Whew! So yeah… painting a portrait of seven men in suits takes, like, seven times as long as painting one person. Go figure! Seven noses, 14 eyes, 7 shirts, seven mouths, 14 ears, etc, etc. Deceptively time consuming. This was a rush job for a retiring, high ranking publicly-traded company officer, but Ol’ Yurik to the rescue! Straight off the bench, from 4 months of surgical recovery, into a big portrait project like a cold shower on a winter day. I am grateful to the Universe for sending it my way to erase my medical debt so soon, ha ha, as well as the opportunity to practice painting not one, but seven heads in a row. Getting this back from the frame shop tomorrow and presenting it, in person, on Wednesday night. Boom!
This artist and human performance hacker got pummeled but came up triumphant. At times the mission to bring the inspired message of personal evolution requires evolving YOURSELF and focusing on generating the capital to keep building the fine art machine. I see many artists who are not that far into their career, acting like they are too good for such work, while they struggle to pay their bills. I enjoy it all. Like a journalist, I got it done. Michelangelo created the Sistine Chapel on commission, so best to not think one is too good for such things. I think my non-artist friends sometimes don’t see how their ideal life and their current life and concerns are not separate. (There is actually no separation at all, but that is a post for another time) peace a good works be with you today.
Evolve, Kick Ass, Love Art!


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